Tips to loose weight while hiking

Choose hiking trails that will challenge, but not defeat, you. Work up to double digit mileage and throw in some elevation gain.
Wear high performance activewear designed for hikers.

Go into training for trail time: Every day, avoid elevators and escalators, park as far away from the front door as possible, use a standing desk for computer work, take stretch breaks from sitting every hour, make a daily walk part of your self care routine.

Reframe the way you see food. It’s fuel for your body, it’s energy for your muscle contractions, it’s a necessary part of being healthy.

Don’t harass yourself for hunger and thirst sensations. Eat and drink adequate amounts with an attitude of gratitude for your hard working body.

Avoid using food as reward. Save your favorite chocolate for a trail snack, rather than “at home” food.

Wear a hiking pedometer that can also track your weight loss goals, like this one.

Keep a hiking diary/log/journal of where you’ve been, what you’ve seen, and how it feels to be striding down the hiking trail with the weight of your pack on your back.

Emphasize your experiences, not your weight loss, as your hiking miles pile up.

Reward your ambitions as a hiker by choosing great destinations. If you can get up to a high point for panoramic views, do it! You’ll soon be hooked on this hiking thing for reasons other than burning calories or weight loss goals.

Realize that hiking is a self-perpetuating cycle of hard work, joy and reward. Over and over again, women who start hiking improve other areas of life, not just how much the scale says.



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